Rent What You Need For Last Minute Weather Changes

Rent What You Need For Last Minute Weather Changes

As a rule, the earlier you begin the planning for your next outdoor event, the smoother things should go when the big day comes. The menu, the number of guests, the decor— these are all things that can be properly planned for with a reasonable amount of accuracy. There is, however, no way to know what the weather will decide to do on your big day. That’s why, where weather is concerned, it is a good idea to hope for the best but plan for the worst.

If you plan on having an outdoor event, then renting a tent can be a way for your guests to get out of the sun if the weather turns out to be nice. More importantly, it is a way to get out of the rain when it’s not so pretty out there. If you rent a tent, consider the spot it is to be pitched. Having it set up at the highest elevation at the venue can make a big difference in a sudden downpour, since water tends to pool up at low spots.

Even if you already plan to rent a tent, there’s still more you can do to prepare for weather changes. Sidewalls can keep out the wind and rain if needed. Heaters can make your guests warm if the temperature drops; fans and air conditioning can cool things down if your day happens to be a scorcher.

Another thing to consider is flooring. The day of your event might be bright and sunny, but if it had rained a day or two before, the ground could still be soggy. A floor can make all the difference in the world. Otherwise, table and chair legs can sink into the ground, and your guests’ shoes and clothing can become easily soiled. As a contingency, consider reserving canopies to connect between tents and restrooms. Planning for covered walkways is another good idea. That way, as the event draws closer, you’ll have the opportunity to more accurately gauge how the weather conditions will be on the big day, and thus the canopies will be available to set up. In some situations, even if they are already set up and the day turns out to be nice, it might still be possible to remove some of these foul weather contingencies.